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  • Shreya Kaushik

Accept Yourself In Everyway

You are Unique

River never says I don’t feel useful as I Keep on flowing in just one direction, no that’s her nature. It’s not trying to be useful, its just trying to be a river.

Or Have you ever seen a flower being upset about just being a flower. Flower never says that oh hi juts look beautiful, and I create more beautiful flowers that’s it.. No because that’s the reason of its living. Its Just being a flower.

So even you, listening to this, don’t try to be useful, try to be yourself. As you are Unique.

Everyone out there is unique in their own way.

Be Valued

You always want to be accepted and liked by everyone. You always want to fit into a small group where people like you and appreciate you in a certain way, even if it takes you to do things that you sometimes never want to do.

Reach to a point where others opinions & thoughts about you will not make u feel sad or down.

Reach to a point where you don’t want to impress anyone. Become that much content within yourself that you don’t need anybody’s yes or no. That is when u become free and start living your own life.

I would say you just stay the way you are, do what you want to do, and then see, who’s still there with you, by your side. people with similar mindsets & interests will find you and they’ll love you for who you are.

Embrace Your Struggles

You Know what, You’ll be thankful to them one day. You’ll thankful to your past one day for not being that easy on you. You’ll be thankful to people who have not supported in tough times, because they have made who you are today or who you have become today.

One day, you’ll be thankful to all your struggles, as they have given you another chance to stand up for yourself. So no regrets just learn the lessons and move on.

Failures Are Never The End

Failures are never the end. It always gives you another chance to succeed.

They put you in a place where you cannot stay for long and it in a way takes you directly to your path, to the very purpose of your life, to the ‘best times of your life.

Never Settle For Less

It takes a lot of courage not to settle and keep striving, keep believing in yourself, you capabilities, keep reminding yourself, that what u desire and what you believe you deserve is achievable.

Stand alone if you need to, no matter what others are saying or where they are going.

If you think what you are doing is right, if you believe in your mission, then have courage to prove it to the world.

So during this pandemic, If you ever felt stuck, confused, devastated, just remember, that even a bad day only last 24 hours. So this will pass too.

Each one of us has a purpose to exist and the day you’ll find your purpose , you’ll appreciate that moment for the rest of your life.

You’ll appreciate that moment, when you are ready for transformation, and are not afraid or ashamed of your insecurities.

In the end, I would like to say, you are a Warrior my friend, and warriors never lose or win, they always fight back. Always!

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