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  • Shreya Kaushik

How To Become Boss OF Your Emotions

We all are emotional beings. When we are in control of our emotions, we are most powerful.

Sometimes these emotions give us energy and enthusiasm and sometimes they drain all our energy. To become successful and to accomplish something in Life, we all need to have skills, do hard work, consistency, practice, and focus.

But the biggest key for a successful and accomplished life is your Emotion.

Are you doing your work emotionally or mechanically?

When a painter paints, he puts all his emotions into it, he paints it consciously & then it comes out to be great piece of work.

When a sculptor moulds mud to make out something great out of it, he puts his thoughts and emotions into it, which comes as great statue.

When your mother cooks food for you, she puts all her love into it and it turns out to be the most delicious food in the world.

So, Emotion is the key.

Here in this video, we’ll talk about that how we can tackle with these emotions and make our life more peaceful, at ease and productive.

Here are few key points that you can use and become Boss of your Emotions:

Analyze yourself

We often analyze others and find faults in them. Have you ever tried to know yourself?

How do I react to situations?

Do I get angry at small things?

Do I get frustrated easily?

Am I patient enough to deal with others?

Am I understanding?

Am I Cooperative?

Am I sensitive/Emotional?

Am I Okay with spontaneous Change in plans?

Try this, just put a raid inside yourself and you’ll get to know your reality

Saint Kabir Quotes:

Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye Jo Munn Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye


I searched for the crooked, met not a single one When searched myself, "I" found the crooked one.

2. Decode Your Weaknesses

Now, as you’ve analyzed yourself, you know what your weaknesses are. Work upon them.

For ex. If you think you get frustrated easily, then you should know what are those situations that make you more frustrated. Or what is that habit of people that make you feel irritated, angry, emotional?

If you have anxiety, then what is that thing or situation or emotion that makes you feel so?

Decode your weakness and the emotions behind it. With all your feelings and emotions, there are negative psychic impressions that our attached to it which is by-product of your past situations, experiences and circumstances. We’ll talk about this in another article.

After recognizing the reasons behind your behaviors, follow the next step ->

Know Your Circle

There are certain people in your life that you meet and talk on a daily basis, like your family, your friends, your colleagues, and many more.

Try to recognize their behaviors also. Do they get angry, frustrated, emotional, depressed, and impatient or anything of those sorts. What is that thing or situation that makes them feel so? What are their weaknesses?

I know you can’t analyze everyone’s behaviour you meet in your whole day but atleast by knowing your people you are going to save a lot of your energy for the day because they are one’s with whom you are spending most of your time and trust me it’s worth saving and the exercise we did earlier will also make you understand the new one’s you are meeting.#

Now you are a King/Queen. You know about yourself and about your peer group which makes the following step/process even easier.

Change your Reaction

It is said that you can’t change one’s nature. But you can change your reaction over it.

Now, it goes for both the parties- You and your people.

Whenever you get into a situation where the discussion is turning into an argument, take a deep breath and give it a thought. Is it something that I am overreacting at or is it a situation where any of my words or doing has triggered his or her emotions? Act Accordingly.

If it is something that has triggered your emotion; now, you already know what is the reason behind it, why it is happening, and it has nothing to do with the other person. No matter whatever that person has said or did, if it is causing you a pain, making you angry or frustrated that means you have an insecurity, anxiety, somewhere inside with that thing or situation, and now as that person has brought that topic in front of you, you are not feeling comfortable with it and reacting. So keep your calm, and don’t react. Change the topic, Take a break, smile and leave, or keep mum.

· If it is something that has triggered an emotional turmoil in other person, now you already know what are their weaknesses and reasons behind it. Again, keep your calm, and don’t react. Change the topic, Take a break, smile and leave, or keep mum.

· Now you’ll say Shreya, why can’t I talk to them about their weakness? Good, you can do that with your family or close friends. But, just look into the situation, if they are actually angry or frustrated, emotional there is no point talking at that time.

· You can do that later on, Sit with them, talk about what you have noted and what you feel is the reason behind it.

· Don’t over explain. You have done your job and now its upto them how they come out of their anxieties and fear.#

· Here is a thing, don’t try to convince them over it, it will make it more difficult for them. If a person is transforming in their life and changing their behaviours and reactions by experiencing life, then it is best way of doing it and its worth it.

Don’t Crib, Find a Solution

Now there must be some situations where you just can’t leave or keep mum, you need to act over it. But still, there is no point in arguing over it. Find a consensus, find a solution.

My Guru (Master) says, there is always an opportunity in situation and a diamond in every problem. Seek for your Diamond.

Take your emotional baggage or connection aside and work on it.

Meditate- My Favourite

Most people find it boring; some don’t get time, and so many excuses.

But I say MEDITATE....

The best way to know yourself, to see inside your inner being is by taking out some quality time for yourself and sitting in peace for atleast 30 minutes.

Practice exhaling and inhaling breath for few minutes and then sit calm and composed. This will give you a lot of peace. You can join some meditation centre if you want to go deep in it. You can practice Breath Exercises (Pranayams) in the morning; there are so many certified trainers for this whom you can follow.

If you will start doing it on daily basis, this is one thing that will give you best results in dealing with your emotions. Try to 30 minutes to meditation one in the morning, and before going to bed.

Connect with Nature

Nature is the best healer. Go out for little walks, morning or evening, even take a break from your work and go for a walk all alone.

Try to walk barefoot on grass or on pebbles, this way you will take natural cosmic energy from earth, which will have a positive effect on your emotions.

By going out in nature, try to focus on the natural beauty. Watch them carefully, appreciate them, talk to them, bless them. Do all this with emotions. Practice this tomorrow morning, and you’ll notice a smile on your face.

Feel the morning breeze, try to hear the sound of water flowing, birds chirping, look at the beauty of flowers, smell how soothing their fragrance is, touch and feel their texture, don’t pluck them.

Have you noticed? By doing this you are actually engaging all your 5 senses with nature, and getting positivity from it. Appreciate as much as possible with emotions.

You are Healed for the day. Full of positive energy. Go Rock your Day

Positive Affirmations

This is one practice that will do wonders with your emotions.

Practice writing positive affirmations on your personal life, your career, your health, your financial situation.

Appreciate as much as possible. Do it 2 times in a day.

First after meditating in the morning and second before meditating in the night.

It will give you best results on your emotions.

Now, here I have talked about decoding your emotions. Hope you all will connect with it.

Try these simple tricks and tips in dealing with emotional stress in your daily life and do write me if it has changed your perspective in seeing things and dealing situations.

If you want to share your own views or how you have dealt with your emotions, please do write to me, I’ll appreciate that.

You are Awesome! Love Yourself.

If you want to go deep on how your emotions work and how to use these emotions and make best results in your work place and your personal life, Book free Clarity session with me, to know more about your emotional blockages.

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